Purchase or Renew Membership

Membership categories and dues are:

  • General Membership $35 – (Women 65+ $25/yr.)
    Women with full privileges of membership in CCRWC, Georgia Federation of Republican Women (GFRW), and National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).*
  • Associate Membership $30
    Available to women with memberships in other Republican women clubs and Republican gentlemen who wish to support CCRWC and GFRW, including spouses of club members.
  • Student Membership $25
    Available to undergraduate or post-graduate level female students. Student members shall have the same voting privileges as a voting General Member, upon payment of required dues. (Annual proof of enrollment, such as a copy of a current class schedule or student ID,  may be requested before membership is granted.)

*When Voting Membership is held in another Federated Republican Women’s Club other than CCRWC, such member may belong to the CCRWC as an Associate Member and shall not have the right to make motions, hold office or serve as a Committee Chair, have a voice in debate, or vote within the CCRWC. An individual may be a Voting Member of only one organization. When membership is held in more than one Federated Republican Women’s Club, a member must declare in which club she wants to exercise her voting privilege. If the member chooses the CCRWC, then membership is reported by the CCRWC to the GFRW and the NFRW.

To purchase your membership, simply:

  1. Select the type of membership you are purchasing.
  2. Enter your contact information.
  3. Continue through the PayPal process.
  4. After completion, click the link to return to the Cobb County Republican Women’s Club website and print the membership form.

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