Babe Atkins-Byrne Scholarship RULES

1. Purpose –To honor Babe Atkins-Byrne who served as CCRWC President and long term Membership Chair and who actively served as a leader supporting the community in countless ways. The scholarship is to assist in undergraduate educational development of any female who has been accepted to or is currently enrolled as a college/university freshman, sophomore, junior or senior. Active duty military who has served in since 2001 shall be given high consideration.

2. Dates and Deadlines:

a. April 27Application available
b. May 26 – Application due
c. June 10-16 – Notification to students
d. June 22 Meeting – Presentation to student(s) – If student/parent is available to attend the meeting.
e. June 30 – Disbursement of Check/Notification to School(s) – In order  for the funds to be properly applied to the student’s account, the scholarship recipient(s) will need to provide the CCRWC Treasurer her student ID number to be submitted with the letter and check to the college/university.

3. Application Guidelines – The applicant must follow these Guidelines set forth below for the application to receive consideration:

a. Print single-sided sheets and use only black ink.
b. Complete entire application; incomplete applications will not be processed.
c. Include all the necessary signatures.

4. Interviews – Interviews with applicants may be scheduled at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee. The interview may be conducted in person or via phone.

5. Results – All applicants shall be notified of the results. The scholarship is presented at the CCRWC June General Meeting and the scholarship recipient(s) is/are invited as a paid guest. Each recipient may bring one person to accompany her and that individual will also be a paid guest of CCRWC for lunch. Any other guest or guests will need to purchase their own lunch that day. If additional guests will be attending, the scholarship chairman must be informed so that a reservation can be made. The CCRWC meetings are business meetings and the recipient(s) shall be advised to dress accordingly.

6. Disbursement – Disbursement is made in the form of a check that is payable directly to the educational institution of choice and will be addressed to the financial aid officer or bursar. To ensure proper credit, the scholarship recipient must provide the Treasurer her student ID number along with the college’s/university’s correct contact information.

7. One or more scholarships shall be awarded annually based on available funds and qualified recipients.

8. All information shall remain confidential.