We welcome you to the Cobb County Republican Women’s Club!

Barbara Hickey

Barbara Hickey

Republicans have a proud history.

On March 20, 1854 in a little school in Ripon, Wisconsin, 54 activist Americans protesting slavery, called themselves “Republicans” for the first time.

Whether we call ourselves Conservatives, Tea Party members, or just plain Republicans, we share many principles that are tied to a legacy that has brought FREEDOM to many.

The 13th – 15th “Reconstruction Amendments” are a great example. With great opposition, Republicans argued to pass the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery; with great wisdom, Republicans offered the 14th Amendment with four (4) principles that offered protections to all citizens, and ensuring that their work would not be in vain, proposed the 15th Amendment to ensure that African-Americans had the right to vote.

In 1896 Republicans were the first party to champion the rights of women to vote. It took the ‘Grand Old Party’ 24 years to pass the 19th Amendment. Their tenacity resulted in the first woman – Jeanette Rankin, a Republican from Montana – being elected to Congress.

No matter how divided we appear to be with our various factions, let us not forget our roots and those brave Republicans who came before us, and join forces. Our children and their children DESERVE NO LESS.

Won’t you help us continue Republicans’ proud history this year? This year, CCRWC will celebrate its 50th anniversary of serving Cobb County for better government. We invite you to get involved in our organization and help us in this effort! Together, we can make a positive difference.

Best regards,

Barbara Hickey
2014 CCRWC president