Welcome to the CCRWC!

wynn-mccurdyDear Members and Associates of CCRWC,

It is my honor and privilege to serve as President of CCRWC in 2016! It is a pivotal year in the life of our country and we need to do all we can to mobilize our membership and educate our constituents as to how important it is to get Republicans in office! We have to be constantly talking with our neighbors, friends and co-workers about the Republican ideals and how important they are to our country! If we are to survive as a Democratic Society, it is imperative that we ALL work and get our voices heard! There are so many areas to serve!

I am grateful to all the new officers, committee chairs and members for committing to serve our country in this very pivotal year! If any member wants to work on a committee, please let me or the committee chairs know and we will find a place for you! Our website has all the information about the club and committees. To contact any of the committee chairmen, click HERE.

Once again, thank you for the honor of serving as President of CCRWC. I will do my best to lead this organization in a fair and honorable manner. It is my goal to follow the mission statement of the organization and work to get Republicans elected!

Wynn McCurdy
President, CCRWC