Welcome to the CCRWC!

Dee GayDear Members and Associates of CCRWC,

2017 is the year of jubilee for the Cobb County Republican Women’s Club! It is my honor and privilege to serve as the CCRWC President this year. With a vision of new beginnings and a new direction, our mission is to reach everyone with a positive and optimistic outlook for a bright new year. We must unite and embrace our new President’s message of “Make America Great Again.” And, “Make Cobb County Republican Women’s Club  Great” should be our new mantra. We are dedicated to educating and helping elect serious women and men to represent us in local, state and federal government. Small government, individual responsibility, and a love of country!!

Our program this year is full of new events, great speakers, and  fun. Any and all ideas will be entertained. We have a great group of ladies leading this club and I am sure that we can accomplish what we have set out to do this year — make CCRWC great!

Please feel free to contact me anytime. I believe in our open door policy.

Dee Gay
President, CCRWC