Welcome to the CCRWC!

Rosan HallHello CCRWC Members,

It is my honor and distinct privilege to serve as 2015 President of the Cobb County Republican Women’s Club. Working with the leadership as well as the members, we plan to continue the fine efforts of the 2014 Leadership. We believe there are great opportunities ahead and will work diligently to make those great opportunities happen.

This is a very important year. We must be prepared to support and elect our next President, a Republican President. We acknowledge the importance of making the right decisions for the 2016 election year. The CCRWC is strong on commitment and dedication. This coming year, we have plans to put information into your hands more easily to increase our ability in improving communication. We have several people who have volunteered to teach classes on up-to-date communication skills.

Also, as in the past, we recognize the importance of engaging the public by registering them to vote and encouraging them on election day(s). Please join the team. If you have a desire to participate on any of the committees, now is a great time to volunteer. We are a TEAM!

To contact any of the committee chairmen below, click HERE.