Welcome to the CCRWC!

Marsha Stemme, 2018 CCRWC PresidentDear Members and Associates of CCRWC,

2018 is here! Hope you all have recovered from the holidays and energized to begin this New Year. For Republicans in Cobb County this year will be a busy one as we have midterm elections and the results of the last special election have shown us we really need to work harder than ever before. Qualifying is in May and we already have dates for our forums in April.

We need to keep Cobb RED and it will take a lot effort to do so. Getting out the Republican vote will be one of our main goals this year. Several recent elections have been won or lost by very small margins.

The women of CCRWC need to support our Republican candidates while educating the public about Republican goals and objectives. Our group needs to keep abreast of political issues, be politically active, and encourage others to do so. Also, we need to recruit new members to help with all the work that needs to be done.

I understand we have all heard all of this before. The words and phrases are familiar, but this is what CCRWC is all about. We need to keep Cobb RED, RED, RED! By pulling together as one cohesive unit that works well together, we CAN get the job done.

This is what we can do and we are good at it!

Marsha Stemme
CCRWC President